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Monday, January 8, 2018

Folk "Heart" Bird House with Stand

This cute little bird house has been sitting
on our guest bed just waiting for me 
to paint a stand for it. 

I've had 2 unfinished bird house stands sitting in my 
art room/studio FOREVER (it seems). 

They're taking up a bit of floor space
and starting to get in my way. 

It's one of those projects that I know
will take some time, so I put it off. 

One day rolls into the next and
well, you know. . . 

Last weekend, I felt the need to check 
it off my list and "get 'er done"!

I set a goal for myself of one day
to accomplish it. 

It was such a good feeling to have 
finished it in the time I allotted myself. 

Today's goal: 
*Paint the 2nd stand. 

The only problem is that today's goal
is in competition with 5 loads
of laundry AND changing the bed linens. 

We'll see, I'm going to push myself. 

I'm all about striking while the iron is hot!


  1. Lovely, Terri.
    Have lots of competition around here, too. Nice post!

  2. Thank you Chris! You are appreciated.


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