The Back Story

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Mixed Media Post Card

My daughter and son-in-law recently
returned from a wonderful trip to Denmark.

Everywhere they went, they saw long
white taper candles in simple holders. 

Whether on restaurant tables,  
in store front windows, or in the windows 
of private homes, they saw these candles. 

As a gift and reminder of their trip they bought each
family member their own taper,
holder, and card wishing the "hygge" life for us. 

Hygge (hue-gah) is the Danish ritual
of enjoying the simple pleasures of life
(a sentiment I'm all about embracing). 

As a thank you, I made them
this mixed media post card. 

I used acrylic paint, collage papers,
stamps, ink, fabric paint, and little plastic "jewels". 

Hopefully this small
gesture will add to the hygge
of their lives. 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Christmas Folk Art

I've been working on some
folk art pieces for Christmas
the past few days. 

It's been so much fun painting them! 

That's what it's all about isn't it?

They've only taken me
about a day each to finish,
which is a record for me. 

I put on a relaxing Christmas youtube
music video and went to work painting. 

I'll share a couple more I'm finishing 
up next time. 

Wishing you peace and joy
this holiday season.