The Back Story

Monday, April 30, 2018

Completing the Cow Painting

This is the cow painting I was
working on in my last post. 

I was unsettled with it. 

There was too much busyness here and
there and I actually made it even busier
after this. 

I was about to sand the whole 
thing and start over, but I restrained myself. 

It's a happy party cow, so I left some of
those elements in it. I just did some rearranging. 

I could work on it longer, but I really
need to finish it up and moooo-ve on. 

(could not resist)

Hope it's a great day
and an even better week for you.

Thanks for stopping by. 


Monday, April 23, 2018

Cows, Cats, and Life's Rollercoaster

Last week was a crazy one of
highs and lows. 

One day it was remembering a dear friend's brother
at a memorial service. 

The next day it was celebrating our 
daughter's 29th birthday. 

The day after that, another dear friend called to say 
her Dad is in his last days. 

Through it all, God is 
faithful and His presence has been evident. 

Needless to say, I apologize for not
having a chance to catch up on all
the wonderful blogs I follow. 

Hopefully this week will be a little
less eventful. 


To start with, I'll share the cow
painting that I'm working on. 

I'm kind a stuck for a bit here and
am in the pondering stage. . . 

Meanwhile I thought I'd take a fun
little detour and paint this little gal. 

While I was at it, I saw this one waiting
to be finished and took care of it too. 

My goal for this week is to finish up
on the cow painting, and start
on the bunny hutch I have sitting
in the middle of my kitchen floor! 

Fortunately, it's only been there since Saturday. 

Hope you have a wonderful week. 

Thanks for stopping by.


Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Funky Frame and Pig Painting

As I was painting the goat picture,
I noticed a butterfly I'd
asked my husband cut out of wood for me
sitting on one of my work tables. 

I put it behind my painting on the side so
just one of the wings was showing.

That's it! I'll give my painting "wings" 
instead of a traditional frame. 

I drew out some patterns and my husband
cut them out and attached them to the 
painting for me. 

Viola! First painting completed. 

Yesterday, I started on my pig
painting. These two (the goat and the pig paintings) will be 
on either side of the barn doors. 

I have a couple flying pigs
that'll go on the barn doors that I'll share 
with you in another post.

Today I'm finishing up on 
the pig and painting the "wings"
on this one. 

After this, I have a cow
painting and a bunny hutch to finish.

I'm hoping to get it all done within a week. . .

Back to work!

Hope you're having 
a wonderful week.

Until next time. 


Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Goat Folk Art Painting

A dear lady who owns a farm animal
sanctuary asked if I could do some more
artwork for her. (My husband and I have done
some work for her in the past). 

She'd like a goat, pig, and cow painting. 

I've got the goat just about finished, and have
been working on a few other things
to help cheer and brighten up her place 
(not that it's not already really cheerful). 

I thought of this unconventional funky frame idea
after I'd already started this piece. My husbands 
been working on that. 

Unfortunately, for him to attach it, it may mean
a lot of nail holes and wood putty to cover those holes
of the front of this piece. 

I told him to just do what he needs to 
do and I'd go back over and fix what needs
to be fixed. 

Between you and me, I'm hoping not much. 

When I finish something, I like to wash my
hands of it, and not have a potential redo in my future. 

I'll be sure to post a picture
after the "frame" has been attached. 

Hoping you're having a wonderful week. 

Thanks for stopping by.