The Back Story

About Me

Aside from making art, one of my favorite
things to do is enjoy the fresh air of the great outdoors.

Being out in nature gives me pause to stop and
reflect on God and His beautiful creation.

I can't help but have a heart of gratitude.

There're places I've been where you can't hear
anything but the birds chirping and the insects buzzing.

There's not a car, engine, or anything mechanical
in sight or earshot for miles around.

I savor those times and try to fit as many
as possible into my schedule.

I'm all about "stopping to smell the roses" in life. 

While this is primarily my art blog, I will post some of my
Arizona adventures from time to time.  

That said, art has been a passion of mine since I was
a little girl. In school, all my electives were art related. 

Folk art and mixed media my current favorites. I also
love to craft, sew, and stitch.

Let's just say I love to create in general.

On the personal side, I've been married over 30 years.

This is me with my husband Bob in San Diego California. 

We have one beautiful married daughter and a
son in-law whom we adore.

(No grandchildren yet!)

I grew up in Chicago, but Phoenix has been home since 1987. 

I love the Sonoran Desert, the mountains, the cacti,
warm weather, warm nights, beautiful sunsets, the diversity of the state, etc. . .

My desire for this blog is to:

~ to share my love for Arizona
~to learn and grow as a person
~to hone my skills as an artist
~ to inspire and be inspired
Last but not least;
~to make some new art loving friends. 

Love, peace, and joy to you.



  1. Hello Terri all what you told us you like is the same I like too. I like to make things by my hands since I was a child and Mother Nature is my favourite place to relax. I love our garden with all the plants, flowers and animals.
    You have a very special style to create images which I like much. I am glad that I found your Blog.
    Dear Greetings from Germany and
    Happy Easter!

    1. Thank you Sabine for your kind words. It's so nice to meet a kindred spirit. Blessings and Happy Easter to you too!


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