The Back Story

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween Door Decor

I spent a good part of this past
weekend making some holiday decorations.

There's a great youtube video I watched
about making tissue paper flowers.

They were so much fun to make!
I would've made more had I not
run short on tissue paper. 

I asked my husband to cut out
a skull shape that I'd drawn
onto a piece of plywood. 

He kindly base coated it white
for me and then I took it from there
with a simple folk art design. 

Years ago, my daughter made the circle
felt garland, so I grabbed that from the picture
it'd been hanging over. 

I cut out patterned felt half circles with pinking shears and sewed
them to some colorful ric rac for a cute little bunting. 

Adding the string of holiday beads seemed
to finish it off. 

Hoping the little trick or treaters
will enjoy it tonight. 

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Painted Chicken Coop 3

 First of all, I need to give
credit to Aimee from the Farm
Animal Sanctuary for these pictures. 

I forgot to bring my camera and 
she was kind enough to take these. 

My husband put in the hinged door 
within the front door. 

This way the chickens
can get in and out without having to open
the larger door. There's a little carabiner at the 
bottom that can secure the door shut, or hold it open. 

The back wall has 3 panels with decorative
wood strips in between. 

For the benches, I decided to paint a 
rug design in predominantly gray to
hopefully camouflage the inevitable mess. 

Here's Bob attaching the carabiner
to the chicken wire to hold the door open. 

That's Zobe the beautiful little zebu cow
in the background. 

I just love her!!

We've had so much fun
helping to beautify the farm.

It's been an honor and a privilege. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Canoeing Clear Creek Reservoir

My husband has the week off
and I've been taking a break from my artistic 
endeavors to spend some quality time with him. 

We decided to load up our canoe and
head up north to enjoy this
beautiful state of ours. 

Our final destination, Winslow Arizona. 

For those not familiar with the town, 
there's actually a corner in downtown Winslow 
where you can stand near a reflection of
a flatbed Ford in a window and 
take your picture next to a statue of Glenn Frey.

That said, as you'll see from the pictures, 
there's another fine sight to see when you're there. 

It's called Clear Creek Reservoir and
it's a hidden gem. 

We started our adventure at McHood Park.

Near the camping area, there's
a large gravel parking lot and a nice dock
to put in the water. 

The mirror reflection of the
cliffs on the water was absolutely gorgeous. 

The water was so still and the temperature outside 
was a perfect 74 degrees. 

The farther we went, 
the higher the cliffs got, and
the more narrow the canyon. 

We were the only ones
on the water the entire 6 mile 
round trip!

We came across this niche
in the rock and my husband
said it was just missing a statue,
so I obliged. 

Oh the things we get ourselves into. . . 

You should've seen me trying to
get back into the canoe after that 
shot was taken!

It took us an hour and a half
of paddling to get to the end and only  
an hour to get back. 

(I was working a little harder
on the way back). 

This was just a day trip from
Phoenix and we were
back home in the Valley before sunset. 

This place is a must see if
you get the chance! 

We have some treasured memories
of our visit there and look forward to 
going back again. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Painted Chicken Coop 2

I finished painting the panels for 
the outside of the chicken coop, and
yesterday was delivery day. 

Here's a picture of the brand new
coop we had to start with. 

Here's the outside all prettied up!

The flags belong to Aimee the owner. 
They're a cute folk art rooster print
and fit right in with the design, so
I think she'll leave them up. 

My husband used liquid nails and 
his nail gun to secure the panels. 

This handsome guy is checking out his new digs. 

I hope he likes it!

My husband is measuring the inside
for the next part of the project. 

That needs to be pretty too. 

Peace, love, and chickens. . .