The Back Story

Monday, May 21, 2018

Last Week's Menagerie of Artwork

Here are some of the pieces 
I've been working on this past week. 

Purple kitty wearing a 
polka dot tie. 

These butterflies make me laugh.
Not the pieces themselves, but 
the fact that my husband hung
them in our pond area upside down.

I asked him if he realized he did that
and he was insistent they were right side up. 

Oh, how I did not want to look at
those things hanging upside down
every time I looked 
out my kitchen window. 

I'd decided just to zip it, and
not say another word about it. 

Well, to my surprise, the next day
I saw that he had flipped them right
side up. 

"Thank You Lord!" 

This is a sign that I made
for the bathroom. 

It has resonated with me
since the first time I saw
it in an old Victoria magazine
many years ago. 

Frida magnet

This is a large 'welcome' sign I made
from a long cabinet door
someone was getting rid of. 

Mermaid magnet

Kitty Plaque

Fish magnet

That about wraps it up for 

Hoping it's a wonderful week for you.

Thank you for visiting. 


Monday, May 14, 2018

Shrine Embellishing

Remember this shrine from
way back when? 

In case you missed it
and are so inclined, 
you'll find the related post here.

It's just been sitting around 
on a shelf waiting 
for some zhooshing up.

I got out my bead box,
assorted assemblage items,
and went to work (or play, as I'd rather say). 

I used a PVA glue instead
of a glue gun, or the stinky
kind of glue that'll literally 
glue your (I should say,
 'my') fingers together. 

It takes a little longer to dry,
but I think in the long run
it'll create a more durable hold
and my fingers will remain separated. 

Thank you for stopping by.

Hoping you have a fabulously creative week!