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Monday, May 14, 2018

Shrine Embellishing

Remember this shrine from
way back when? 

In case you missed it
and are so inclined, 
you'll find the related post here.

It's just been sitting around 
on a shelf waiting 
for some zhooshing up.

I got out my bead box,
assorted assemblage items,
and went to work (or play, as I'd rather say). 

I used a PVA glue instead
of a glue gun, or the stinky
kind of glue that'll literally 
glue your (I should say,
 'my') fingers together. 

It takes a little longer to dry,
but I think in the long run
it'll create a more durable hold
and my fingers will remain separated. 

Thank you for stopping by.

Hoping you have a fabulously creative week! 



  1. Love the addition of the beads, Terri! Great move.
    I had no idea so many pieces made up this whole. Another exercise in extreme creativity. Hats off to you!!
    And... just love your new profile pic. :} Lovely post.

    1. Thank you Chris! I was 'spinning a lot of plates' over the few days it took me to make this.

      Glad you like the pic. It makes me smile at the memory. I think I was around 5 and I gave my mom such a hard time because I hated the dress she had me wear. "It makes me look like a clown!" I cried! haha~ My poor mom. . .

  2. Beautiful!!! I enjoyed spotting the difference Terri! xx

  3. Both versions look really gorgeous. I like your colorful style.
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