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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Bunny Hutch

I received this bunny hutch
when it was looking a bit
tired and needing a little lift. 

It was stained wood
with black grating. 

Why didn't I take a picture 
before I started??

* * *

First, I drew out patterns of a flower
and butterfly and my husband
kindly cut them out of wood
on our scroll saw. 

I decided to spray paint the base.
With all the wire and intricate structuring
it just made more sense. 

That said, I rarely use spray paint, but
I'm glad I did in this case. 

You can see Maybelline came to check
things out. 

On a side note, we've noticed she's been 
biting the fur off the back of her tail. 

She's 11 years old and has never done 
that before. 

Hmmm. . . 

I'm hoping the bunnies will enjoy 
their new digs. 

Thanks for visiting! 



  1. Wow.. lucky bunnies Terry - this is fantastic, Love the colours and happy imagery :)
    I've little experience with cats, sorry to hear about the chewing of the tail - hope Maybeline is ok - she looks a sweetie.
    Gill xx

    1. Thanks Gill! So glad you like it!

    2. ooops ... I spelt your name wrong...sorry Terri x

  2. You could do a book or a TV show, Terri, showcasing all of your gorgeous projects! LOVE this one!! How could the bunnies not enjoy their new digs?
    So sorry your kitty is acting strange. Hopefully it stops as quickly as it started. Keep us fellow animal lovers apprised :}

    1. Thanks Chris! You are endearing to me. You have a personality like my dear Dad had. You are a natural born encourager. The world needs more of you. I will keep you updated in regard to kitty news.

  3. Terri you are just too much!!! I love this.. It's so adorable and creative. Yup you should have had a before picture...
    Maybelline is a double for my Jenny... why she's biting her tail fur.. I've seen that before , but who knows..? Only Mabelline.

    1. Thank you Barbra Joan. Yes, we have kitty twins! Your visit is greatly appreciated.

  4. The bunny hutch is tremendous, certainly luxury accommodation for bunnies. I love the 3D butterfly and flower and the paintings on the back and elsewhere are equally stunning. How nice to have Maybelline to help.

  5. Wow!!! You've created a very desirable bunny residence Terri! I love it!!!
    Alison xx


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