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Monday, July 3, 2017

Hearts, Flowers, and Cross Shrine

This was such a fun project to make.

Just looking at the picture inspires
me to want to make more of them. 

(In case you missed my other shrine posts
you may see them here and here.)

Everything was handmade from the
paper mache shrine box, to the 2 kinds 
of clay that I used. 

One was cold porcelain clay,
and the other one had a flour and glue base. 

For the candle wicks I
stripped a twist tie of it's paper
and used that to suspend the flames.

The cross, leaves, flowers, and candles
are made from the cold porcelain clay. 

The top center heart was made from the 
flour and glue based clay.

It was a little harder to shape
into specific designs, but it was
good for building up dimension. 

I also used some puff paint to add
some texture. It worked great. I was
a little unsure because I think it's mainly
used for fabrics. 

Now here's a behind the scenes
look at what usually goes
on when I'm trying to take a picture
of my work outside. 

"Maybelline! Move your head!"

She's always at the ready
to lend a helping hand paw. 

She loves being the center
of attention, so I thought
I'd give her that honor today. 

Thanks for stopping by!


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