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Monday, May 7, 2018

Cats and Skulls and Magnets, Oh My!

The past weekend was so much fun! 

My daughter and son-in-law
took their "mom's" out for an early
 surprise Mother's Day celebration. 

(It's so nice being good friends
with my daughter's mother-in-law.)

The four of us went to the 
English Rose Tea Room
in Carefree Arizona. 

It was just perfect. 

Being a tea drinker myself I had
to up my game the following morning
and forgo my usual mug for Grandma's 
porcelain tea set. 

While it wasn't quite as delicious without
the real cream and lump of sugar,
it extended the delightful memory just the same. 

If you ever happen to be in the 
area, it's a wonderful place to visit. 

* * * * *

Moving on now to my 
art creations of this past week. 

Here's a pic of my purple kitty plaque, . . .

. . . . my new skull plaque, . . . 

. .  .  and some fun little art magnets. 

These little guys are all painted on 2"x 2" pieces of wood. 

I decided to make some one of a kind 
mini artwork magnets as well. 

This little kitty is one of those. 

So much fun! 

Hope you have a wonderful week. 

Thanks for stopping by. 



  1. OMG Terri these are so fun... Happy, colorful treasures. Are you selling your work?
    p.s. about the comment to my blog..
    If your in Florida and there is water, you can be sure there are gators..
    No not in the ocean. LOL

    1. Thank you Barbra Joan. That's good to know about the water and gators. I lived by so many lakes and rivers growing up and never had to give a second thought to anything really harmful in the water. I'll be sure to switch to a different mindset if I ever get back there.

      Yes, I am selling my work on Etsy. I recently reopened my shop.

  2. whoo they are so fun and sweet. Great magnets

  3. The skull looks so sleepy! I love the kitty. You have been busy! Loved reading about your tea time...

    1. Thank you Debra. I'm trying to be more consistent with my art and blogging, treating it more like a job that I love, than as a hobby.

      I'm so glad you shared in the joy of our tea celebration!

  4. So much beautiful art Terri! I love the little arty plaques!
    Alison xx

  5. Ah, you're in the flow! Beautiful pieces, Terri - every single one!!

  6. Fabulous joyful art as always Terri and the 2 x 2's are cool.
    For several weeks I've been meaning to say I hope Evan ( hope I got name right) is doing well now.
    Gill x

    1. Oh Gill, it's so thoughtful and considerate for you to ask. Evan is doing well. Treatment is and will be ongoing. We continually keep him in our prayers. He is the sweetest and kindest young man, the kind a Mom would pray/dream/wish her daughter would one day marry.

    2. Thanks for the reply Terri.
      Sorry that the treatment is still ongoing but good to hear that Evan is doing well and I will continue to keep him (and your daughter) in my prayers and thoughts xx

    3. That means the world to us. Thank you Gill. <3


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